It is Bypass Paywalls.

Today I want to share you a plug-in that is simply tools to bypass some paywalls for those new magazine is very expensive every month.

Through this plug in, you can read almost all mainstream English paid magazines for free on your browser! So far, the plug-in only supports Google Chrome and Firefox, but for the other browser, you have to install Chrome OS Kernel. The developer of the plugin also wrote a simple tutorial.

Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge (Custom sites supported)

  1. Download this repo as a ZIP file from GitHub.
  2. Unzip the file and…

I will share a famous system design of Airbnb.

First, you must understand what the functional and non-functional requirements are from the business nature. Airbnb is a online platform which associates individuals who want to rent out their houses to those who are looking for lodgings and room in a place for a short period.

Functional Requirements

  1. Landlord

Hotel Manager from the platform will feed data to the system about hotel and it’s availability and the customers who wants to book the hotel room. …

We talk further Taliban politicians and their action now.

First, we should start talking about Iran and its relationship with certain politicians.

Iran government support the Kandahar warlords. Mohaqiq is pro-Iranian because he studied his degree in Iran. In late 2011, Mohaqiq, Ahmad Zia Massoud and Abdul Rashid Dostum created the National Front of Afghanistan (also Afghanistan National Front, ANF). He was accused of lobbying for Iranian interest and has long been seen working for closer relations with Taliban in 2019/

Hazara leader Haji Muhammad Mohaqiq ( 2nd leader in Afghanistan)

Why Iran support Taliban’s rule is because Iran need…

step by step guide you

  1. you have a good idea
  2. figure out what needs user want
  3. draw out a system flowchart
  4. draw out an user interface for apps
  5. technically use front & Back-end for your apps
  6. Test your app

We have an idea to build up a messenger like whatsapp. We have to list down all the product requirement as detailed as possible. There are different types of product requirements: business, functional and non-functional. Business requirements typically answer how the product will address the needs of your company and its users. They also reveal the business model of the app…

Python is the fastest-growing programming language among the software engineers, but also among the mathematicians, data analysts, scientists, accountants, network engineers and even freshers. It is because the python can executive different tasks such as data analysis and visualization, artificial intelligence and Machine learning, automation and etc. Python used by professionals to automate their daily tasks to make life more simpler.


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Today, talk about Bagram Air Base. But, to understand more, we have to know the background first. After a break between 1996 and 2001, Taliban regime kept ties with Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. After five years of near-mediaeval rule by the Taliban from 1996, preceded by a half a dozen years of fighting among mujahideen warlords following the Red Army’s withdrawal in 1989 — the decade before that too was of fighting as the US-backed, Pakistan-trained mujahideen took on the Soviet military — Afghanistan was in ruins.


Jalalabad is a leading center of trade activity of agricultural…


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